38 Amazing Health Benefits That You Get From Yoga


If you have undergone a yoga teacher training, you might know what marvel yoga is? If not, we have many reasons to make you realize that yoga is the best practice for your health.

We are not saying anything just like that, the researchers have found out how yoga helps in improving health, decreasing sickness and healing aches and pains.
Here, we give you 38 reasons why you should practice yoga. Read the 38 health benefits of practicing yoga.

1. Yoga makes you flexible
Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility by leaps and bounds. This will also cause a great relief in aches and pains in the body.
There are many painful conditions that tight muscle scan lead to. Yoga loosens the muscles and helps you to deal with these conditions. Also, tight muscles lead to poor posture. Yoga helps in improving the posture by improving flexibility.

2. Boosts muscle strength
Yoga helps in boosting strength of the muscles. Weak muscles contribute to conditions like back pain, arthritis, et al. Yoga helps in keeping them at bay.

3. Improves your posture
Poor posture is responsible to certain conditions like joint problems and problems in neck, back and other muscles. All these things lead to fatigue.
By practicing yoga, you can improve your posture and hence, get rid of these muscle aches and pains and joint problems.

4. Prevents breakdown of cartilage and joints
Yoga helps in keeping mitigate disability and degenerative arthritis at bay by offering the joints a full range of motion.

5. Protects the spine
Yoga subjects you to twists and bends (forward and backward), thus, keeping your spinal disk supple.

6. Improves bone health
Certain yoga asanas contribute to bone health. By enhancing the bone health, they also keep osteoporosis at bay.

7. Enhances blood flow
While practicing yoga, you will learn many relaxation exercises that boost blood circulation to every organ especially hands and feet.

8. Boosts lymphatic drainage and immunity
Stretching and contracting muscles and organ movements enhance lymphatic drainage and in turn, immunity.

9. Increases heart rate
Regular yoga practice increases the heart rate and this keeps heart attack susceptibility and depression at bay.

10. Lowers blood pressure
Corpse pose helps in dropping blood pressure.

11. Regulates adrenal glands
Yoga lowers the level of cortisol. Excessive level of cortisol cause many health issues like osteoporosis, depression, compromised immunity, et al.

12. Makes you happy
Yoga elevates your mood and makes you happy by increasing serotonin level.

13. Provides healthy lifestyle
Yoga offers a great poise to your life. It improves the quality of your life.

14. Lowers your blood pressure
Yoga lowers the level of blood sugar and bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

15. Improves focus
Regular yoga helps you focus.

16. Relaxes the body systems
Yoga relaxes you from inside out.

17. Improves balance
Yoga helps in increasing proprioception benefitting people with dysfunctional movement patterns and bad posture.

18. Maintain nervous system
Many yoga postures help in maintaining healthy nervous systems.

19. Release limb tension
Tension and muscle fatigue in wrists, arms, neck, shoulders and face can be tackled by yoga.

20. Improves sleep
Yoga helps you to give a deep sleep.

21. Improves immune system functions
Yoga is known to improve the functions of immune system.

22. Improves lung function
Yoga practice teaches you breathe control. This helps people with lung issues. It boosts lung health.

23. Keeps IBS and other issues at bay
Yoga helps in keeping all the digestive problems at bay including IBS, constipation, ulcers, et al.

24. Gives mental peace
Yoga not just helps in giving you physical fitness but, also offers mental peace. It removes all the issues like fear, regret, anger, frustration, etc.

25. Increases self- esteem
Yoga boosts physical, metal as well as spiritual health and with this it offers a lot of positivity in your life. It helps to increase self- esteem.

26. Relieves pain
Yoga asanas and meditation helps in relieving back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, et al.

27. Offers inner strength
Practicing yoga regularly offers inner strength.

28. Offers you guidance
Practising yoga with your teacher will help to promote your health. During the yoga teacher training teachers are taught not just to teach their students yoga asanas but, to improve the quality of their life.

29. Keep you away from drug
Yoga helps you to get rid of all the medications that you have been taking.

30. Makes you aware
Yoga keeps you aware regarding every single thing related to you. You feel compassionate and relaxed by practicing yoga.

31. Improves relationships
Yoga helps in inculcating friendliness, equanimity and compassion and hence, relationships.

32. Yoga chanting sooths the sinuses
Chanting (humming sounds) while performing yoga open sinuses and also facilitate drainage.

33. Healing by mind’s eye
Yoga directs the healing of your body in the mind’s eye. This helps in reducing headache episodes, decreased postoperative pain, etc.

34. Prevents from viruses and allergies
Cleansing practices performed as a part of yoga help in virus and allergies out.

35. Inspired you to serve others
Yoga (karma yoga) teaches you to serve others.

36. Helps in encouraging self- care
Yoga teaches you to be closer to your body and think of its betterment. It makes you more committed towards self- care.

37. Supports connective tissue
Yoga helps in improving the connective tissues and hence, offering optimal health as every system is interconnected.

38. Uses placebo effect in order to affect change
Believe better and better follows. Yoga and meditation betters your health and your life.



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