Meditation – one of the shades of yoga

There is an increasing demand for training in meditation and mental wellness, especially across the corporate sector. In response to this demand, several Yoga training centers have interspersed their training with meditation and other mindfulness training regime. According to the recent research by IBISWorld, the corporate sector contributes highly to the boom in the number of Yoga classes which has further fueled the need for Yoga teacher training facilities.

The increasing demand

While Yoga has been increasing in the list of popularity, a segment of yoga, meditation is not to be left behind. One can see more and more people drifting towards the next step in yoga, the mindfulness training or the meditation to keep the mind focused. With many studies emerging, that describes the science behind the meditation and how it can tune the brain for the better everyone wants to try their hand at it. This is why every Yoga teacher training facility is coming up with programs that instill the values of meditation along with teaching yoga to their students.

The teaching program

The teaching program at the Yoga teacher training at Kaia Yoga encompasses multiple elements, more being on the art of meditation. The aim is to empower the students not just to learn the techniques but master them so they can start their own practice. The mindfulness training is an important part of the yoga teacher training along with the other components which one has already learned as part of yoga training.

The new program will include a meditation program for 100 hours and is more inclined to the students and other professionals who can make use of it effectively in their workplaces like the therapists, the teachers, and the social workers.

How long is the program?

The program is a rigorous one stretched to four weekends and will be full day training from 9 am to 5 pm on a Friday and a Saturday. There will also be papers to read, write and submit along with participation in study groups. If you try to fit it into the schedules of a person, the yoga teacher training with mindfulness training can take nearly 6-7 months to complete.

There is, of course, an examination to complete, both oral and written, to obtain the certification. For those students who are not interested in taking up meditation, there is an option to choose Buddhist studies as a second option in their program.

With the growing interest in meditation, it is imperative to have a yoga teaching program that includes this component as well. It is necessary to expand the knowledge base of people on yoga and meditation. Also, meditation is not just about closing your eyes and reaching inner peace; there are many kinds to it which can help you in many different ways for a healthy life. The program is also designed to alleviate any misconception regarding yoga and meditation and help people learn the difference between being present and being lost in thoughts.


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