5 Tips for Beginners to Yoga Practice

The number one question yoga teachers and practitioners get asked is “How to start yoga practice?” There are many people who wish to get into yoga teacher training but are intimidated by studios or overwhelmed the many options for classes.

The problem is compounded with many studios nowadays conducting ‘all level’ classes when they are not suited for yoga beginners. This results in new students getting lost and end up not being able to keep up in class. However, with a little bit of detailed instruction and self-appraisal, getting started on your yoga journey can be easy and fun!

Here are the top five tips for yoga beginners.

Enroll in a Beginners’ Class

The most important tip for those just starting out on yoga practice and are confused about the right classes. Most studios offer either standard beginners’ yoga training or recurring beginners’ workshops. Taking a few of these classes before you take the leap can be immensely helpful. These sessions are designed to help one properly align their body for commonly used poses and can also help you get comfortable with the terminology before you head to advanced classes. Moreover, you’ll be comfortable and less prone to injury!

Get a Trial Pass.

A recent trend for most studios is the ‘Beginners’ Trial’ pass. These passes are usually unlimited for one or two-weeks that give you time to try out the studio, the different teachers, different streams and see whether it is the right place. These passes offer significant savings (at a much lower rate than standard classes) and allow you to ‘date’ the studio.

Join a ‘Yogi’ friend.

Ask one of your practicing friends to take you along to classes. This can help you in narrowing down your search for a studio or instructor. Doing this will also help to make the whole experience more comfortable and less overwhelming. Plus everything is more fun with friends!

Doing away with constant self appraisal

Apart from starting off, the other common worry for those who are new to yoga is progress and comparison. A mentality that is a total mood killer. Keep in mind that yoga is a personal practice. The person standing next to you can be a advanced learner with a totally different life and history, a different body, a different mind and a different journey! Yoga is not about your physical ability to perform asanas. The point is about you being there, practicing and showing up for yourself. So you have nowhere to go, drop all the comparison and enjoy the trip.

Have fun!

Avoid taking yoga too seriously. The postures can be really intense and make you want to quit. There can be times when yoga stirs up your emotional baggage and cause you to feel off-kilter. However, yoga can be a sanctuary for you to reconnect with your life and your body.

There are a million different styles of yoga out there, along with a million different teachers! Seek until you find the perfect yoga teacher training practice for you.


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