5 Tips for Yoga Students

Has the thought of yoga teacher training ever crossed your mind? You might well be aware that it’s a worthwhile practice, but beyond that? If you wish to know more, how do you find a studio or a style that’s right for you?

Don’t worry, everyone starts off the same way. It can be intimidating at first, but with time you will turn comfortable. Here are a few to help you start your practice.

How To Start Practicing Yoga?

Wherever you decide to start off—whether the YMCA, a local gym or studio, start at the entry level. There are a variety of yoga streams and some can be quite intense and fast paced for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you are already in shape or even an athlete, when it comes to yoga, form and practice is everything. Alignment is supreme in yoga. It’s important to practice correct posture correctly and understand the feeling.

A few studios describe their classes as “All Levels” which means everyone is welcome. But you’d do well to learn the poses in a beginners class first that will help you feel more at ease than attending such a class.

Even when you are a seasoned yogi, you should retain a beginner’s mindset. Though it may appear to be just stretching and bending, but it’s so much more. Years down the road, you will find yourself discover something new everyday.

The Equipment

Most studios and gyms provide mats for students. Before getting one for yourself, try out these and ask an instructor for their opinion to guide you in making the right purchase.

Mats come at various price points, with some extremely light and some quite thick. Some have markings to help you stay aligned during your practice. Other mats are more suitable for hot yoga sessions. Go online and read reviews about yoga mats to determine what’s right for you.

Understanding Postures

Yoga streams may be labeled Bikram, Power, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Classical, Kripalu or Forrest (to name just a few). However these vastly different styles are all branches of the same tree, whose roots lie in Hatha Yoga practice. Try to explore a variety of streams and see what they can offer. Start off with a Classical or Hatha class, and move on from there.

Yoga Practice – Combining Mind and Body

In yoga teacher training, one must let everything go and calm the mind. Practice synchronizing movements to your breath, that can help clear your head and focus on your practice. One of the most beneficial techniques to extract the most from a pose.

No matter what level you’re at, breathing will farther you along in your practice than any complicated pose.

Experiment – Trial and Error

If you start off classes with a teacher whose style isn’t your cup of tea, then move on to another teacher or class or studio altogether. You won’t be able to focus on the practice if you are frustrated with the instruction style. Instead seek out a class that you can feel comfortable in to enjoy your practice.



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