How to Get Yourself Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

Organize yourself.

Once you get started with training, carrying out routine duties will not be as easy as it seems. Sort out your clothing and make sure you have enough clean underwear, socks and maybe a few extra pieces of yoga clothing. Clear the garden and also clean out your closets.


Address larger duties at work, and complete as much as possible before the training begins. Automate stuff so that things operate smoothly, with as little intervention as possible. If possible, pay some bills in advance.

Other similar stuff include taxes to be done early, getting any shopping taken care ahead of time, taking the car in for a tune up, and generally ensuring that all is in working order once training gets underway.

Food and drink – within reason.

During training, it will be wise to follow a clean diet to help you sustain the amount of energy needed to keep up. Cooking can be tough, so stock up on healthy options and freeze some stuff to make things easy. And do enjoy an ice cream or beer on Sunday!

Have a Life.

Once training starts you really won’t have much time to spare. But it’s not like you’re in boot camp. Get out there, connect and socialize. Do things with others that are meant to be done together. Have fun.

Sleeping in.

Try and get a picture of yourself sleeping in, to remind yourself of the experience, one you will likely experience again in the future.


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