Are You Ready to Be a Yoga Teacher?

When the summer holidays draw to a close, kids reluctantly get ready for their first day of school. This first day of school is a moment of great importance and requires careful preparation, not only for the little ones, but also for the teachers.

So is it for those starting out on their first Yoga teacher training in a Yoga school. How do you know if you are even ready?


We all know that kids start school when they turn 5 or 6. However, age is not a criterion at all if you decide you are ready for Yoga teacher training. Not even the “history” of your yoga experience matters. Beginner or super-advanced, young or veteran, once you feel you are prepared for such a course, you will be able to find a Yoga teacher training course that is perfect for you.

Seasoned Yoga trainers believe that a student is ready for Yoga Teacher training by appraising his/her burning desire to dive into the eight limbs of yoga. A student needs to possess a burning passion (rajas) and the true desire to embrace all the eight limbs of yoga, not just the practice of asanas which is merely one of these.

It is of utmost importance that one regularly practices yoga rather than the ability to do advanced asanas. A certain level of proficiency is desirable, at least of a level two in classes. Moreover the ability to have an open mind, strong body and good knowledge of how your body feels when practicing asana is a great starting point too.


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