Why You Need to Relax Before Yoga Teacher Training

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the big decision to take up yoga teacher training and the starting date is fast approaching. Lots of students wonder what to do before the training starts. No need to undergo a gazillion yoga sessions or write amazing book reports.


In yoga practice, there are essentially three qualities(or Gunas in Sanskrit), that explain how the mind moves naturally. These movements translate into the qualities of experiencing others/objects, emotions/feelings and life events. Sattva is the Guna that represents balance and is something tranquil, clear, effortless, translucent, non-attached – basically the essence of all perfect yogis. Where we go wrong is when we aspire to be Sattvic all the time.

Nothing in nature ever stays still all the time. A tree sheds its leaves in the fall season, at the end of the day the sun goes down, – similarly our energy and other aspects will continue to change over and over.

The time before starting yoga teacher training can be defined as Sattvic time, time before the transformation that inevitably results from learning more about yourself. Enjoy this time to the fullest. But don’t cling onto it. When everything is over, you will attain Sattva naturally. Once you achieve that, your experience in will be even more heightened from all that you have learned and gained.

For now, a short while – enjoy yourself. Do as little as possible and enjoy your opportunities to relax. That is the best preparation for the transformation of a lifetime — yoga teacher training.


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